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Expert Level Turnkey Video Wall & AV/IT Solutions for ICT Integrators, Resellers & End Users

Division of Command and Control Group®


Expert Level Turnkey Video Wall & AV/IT Solutions for ICT Integrators, Resellers & End Users

Division of Command and Control Group®

"Build the Best Systems | Deliver the Best Systems"





“Command and control” & “mission critical” are terms that DataView does not take lightly.  DataView fully understands the importance of dependable solutions, which is why we build and deliver the most dependable robust solutions that include:

  • Continuous operation in the most demanding command and control environments
  • Unparalleled computing systems that exceed competitors specifications and build quality
  • Computing components rated for 100,000 MTBF supplying continuous uptime and peace of mind
  • High-quality and dependable components to deliver the reliability your mission critical environment requires
  • Redundant power supplies for failover reliability and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system connectivity
  • Redundant solid state hard drives to deliver superb disk I/O performance and data integrity
  • Built-in diagnostic software with the ability to email system status reports on hardware health and system statistical data

Our design and engineering team has more than 15 years specializing in command and control for government and military applications.  This experience sharpened our skills in not only determining the equipment and software to meet your needs, but also the policies and procedures associated with your business.  We also cater to other aspects of mission critical environments including: site or far end communication, high availability and situation room uptime, software management and optimization for efficient workflow.




Video and audio teleconferencing makes it possible to instantly connect with your intended audience miles and continents away.  DataView will provide solutions pertaining to video and/or audio conferencing which will allow you to share vital information and integral ideas amongst distant colleagues.

The need for video teleconferencing and telepresence transcends beyond the boardroom and into company training centers, hospital exam rooms and classrooms.

Benefits of Video Conferencing and Telepresence

  • Aids in reducing and potentially eliminating travel expenses
  • Adds convenience and efficiency to your meetings and/or conferences
  • Tailored to your needs by providing single room one-camera systems or fully integrated multi-camera telepresence systems
  • Caters to our digital classroom society, whom are accustomed to simultaneously processing an array of information via an interface that enables diverse and immersive content at once or in collaboration




We fully understand the importance of dependable and effective solutions in an educational environment.  Educational institutions are shifting to digital platforms and we're ready to help you transition to a suitable classroom, office, and/or command center technology solution tailored to your institution's preference. We deliver robust solutions with features including:

  • High Quality LED output - Making your displayed content captivate your students and/or audience
  • Tablet friendly environment - All interactive displays may be synchronized with tablet devices and applications making annotation from a distance, a breeze
  • Classroom lighting - You will no longer need to dim or turn off room lighting to get a projected picture just right.  You can now utilize quality interactive displays with the classroom lights on - which can assist in a more alert and attentive audience
  • Plug & Play - You can now bring your lessons with you on the go, via Wi-Fi file syncronization, giving you freedom to plug and play whenever your next class and at your leisure
  • Lamp-Free - Never worry about lamp outages with your projector ever again.  Our technology requires no additional maintenance

For more information on technology solutions for your institution, contact us, we'll be here to ensure you invest in the right solution to meet your needs.


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We Cater to All Business-Critical Environments.


Content is key and we aim for 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you have a message to deliver to the masses, audio to captivate your audience or systems in need of technological makeovers, we at DataView are here to serve you.  Our skill level, unmatched product line and combined 60 years of experience transcend nearly every market imaginable.


DataView serves an array of industries and applications, including but not limited to:


You only have one chance to get the design, engineering and implementation of your video wall application right.  We at DataView design, develop, customize and install scalable video wall solutions for a variety of applications.

While not all businesses deal with sensitive, mission-critical environments, everyone encounters business-critical matters that require keen attention to detail and a seamless content avenue that a DataView turnkey solution provides.

DataView is uniquely qualified to deliver aprofessional-grade or commercial-grade video wall solutions catered to your unique environment.  We have the expertise and knowledge to deploy turnkey solutions in your facility or any location world-wide.




Sight and sound are the fundamentals of communication, which is why we at DataView only provide our customers innovative products that ensure the best, most memorable delivery. Intensity, pitch, tone and harmonics are woven together to create an unforgettable sound. But, some of these elements may be distorted, or even lost, if not channeled through a high-quality audio/video system with building-wide network connectivity.

DataView design specialists are highly skilled in both distributed, commercial and professional audio/video systems as well as large-scale information technology infrastructures.

Before determining the type of audio/video system needed, one must evaluate the system’s overall purpose.  What mood and impression do you wish to convey?  Is unified control necessary?  Who will have access to these controls?  How do I connect with a college miles away?  Allow highly skilled DataView design engineer to conduct a needs analysis and help you decide the best system to suit your needs or requirement.




At DataView, we believe the first impression is a lasting one, which is why we deliver high visibility digital signage applications. Digital signage will grab your audience’s attention with an immediate, expressive and vivid message that effectively represents your line of business.

The content displayed spans a variety of markets that allows you to communicate your product or message and improve overall customer and employee experience.


The Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage increases your return on investment by eliminating the need for paper production and tedious manual content updates. Digital Signage solutions’ scheduling capabilities also save energy by controlling the power of a display; powering it off after hours and scheduling content updates to ensure optimal performance.

While content and eye-catching graphics are key, the ability to manipulate a network of numerous digital displays from one location is the greatest benefit of digital signage. This is made possiblethrough server or cloud based solutions. Both solutions report back display specifics and utilize cacheing to synchronize content to all of the digital signage players.

DataView’s LCD and LED display solutions offer professional-grade, 24/365 operation for the most demanding digital installations. As your content and demands evolve, our signage display solutions provide guaranteed performance and scalability. Along with superb engineering and design, our display solutions offer Ultra HD and high pixel density for smooth video and crisp imagery. The signage displays are built with industrial-strength, premium-grade panels for unrivaled quality and reliability.


Selecting Your Digital Signage Solution

Server Based Solution:

This solution allows the end user complete control over the content being produced and the ability to deploy systems on their local network and expand, given current network bandwidth, across national and global networks as well. This application is compatible with Windows/Mac and Linux.

Cloud Based Solution:

This solution is the ultimate in system deployments because it allows users the ability to deploy systems on any network regardless of display, time or location by using the largest cloud service currently available. Cloud based solutions only require one login in order to control thousands of displays worldwide. This solution also empowers you, the content creator, with more options in designing content needed in more complex digital signage applications.


Digital signage does not stop with an awing image, opt for a truly interactive experience with the touch capabilities of digital kiosks.

A DataView digital kiosk will enhance customer engagement by giving them power at their fingertips. Content possibilities are endless with your digital kiosk. Your audience will have the luxury of perusing eBrochures at their own pace, watching informative videos, completing product orders, self checkin and so much more.

We limit your business’ downtime by delivering and implementing all of our turn-key solutions in a timely fashion. Contact an experienced member of our DataView team to find out how we can best serve you.